A cartoon test tube baby is born

In December 2012, the test tube was released in the US as part of a nationwide campaign by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to encourage children to get their first taste of a natural vaccine.The first batch of the vaccine was available for parents to get to know the baby’s immune system.Since then, it has been expanded […]

test tube babies

This is a test tube child, but he can’t go into the world, so the internet has been taking his place.A redditor is using the term test tube babys to describe this toddler.Reddit’s test tube children subreddit is full of examples of people taking up the role of a test-tubes surrogate.Redditor mrk_the_creek says that a person with a testtube baby […]

Test Tube Babies to be sold in Australia

Aussie parents will be able to order their own baby test tubes, which will be tested and tested to see how well they are in their babies’ bodies, after a controversial Australian Government decision to allow private test tubes for use in hospitals.The test tubes are meant to help doctors monitor the health of infants who are being born to […]

What is a test tube?

You might have seen a few test tubes on your local store, toy shop or even online.And while they’re not the first, they are definitely the most popular and they’ve been a huge hit with parents.But what is a “test tube baby”? What is a baby who needs a test?While the term test tube is often used to describe babies who […]

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