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Why do cartoon test tubes contain babies? | ABC News

Why do cartoon test tubes contain babies? | ABC News

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) A California woman is accusing a company of producing baby test tubes that contain live babies in them, despite the company’s promise to remove all of the babies from them.

Ana Alvarado claims she was shocked when she opened her baby test tube last month, and she’s now suing the company and two of its owners, including one who she says sold the tubes.

She claims the company did not notify her that live babies were inside, and her tubes were contaminated with bacteria and other substances that could cause health problems for children.

Alvarado says the tubes were shipped from California to a lab in New York and then transported to her home in Northern California.

She says the test tubes had no instructions about how to safely handle the live babies.

AlVarado says she contacted the company on March 2, the day she received her tubes, and a spokesperson said she was told to contact the California Poison Control Center.

The company’s website says the company will immediately remove any live babies from any test tube it sells.

But on Tuesday, Alvarados attorney, Jennifer Cogdill, told ABC News that she had a different conversation with a representative from the company.

Cogcill said the company has told her that the test tube was in fact made by a different company, and that the company does not manufacture live baby testubes.

Alvarez, who has two small children, said she bought the test and tubes for $2, and they were delivered to her house on March 10.

She said she’s had no trouble with the product since then.

She says she had to return the tubes after learning the company made the tubes and the company told her it was going to remove any baby test that it found inside the tubes for testing.

The company told Alvaradas attorney that the tubes contain a live baby and it will not release them to her until she contacts them with her complaint.

Alva, who said she has a history of miscarriages, says she’s not sure if she has any other live babies, but that she will be going back to the lab and taking them for testing when she gets home.

Al Varado’s attorney said the tubes are “factory sealed,” meaning they can’t be opened and tested.

She said Alvarada has been told she can expect to be charged with false advertising and conspiracy to defraud.ABC News’ Mark Stemwedel and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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