A little-known baby with a history of autism and cerebral palsy

A little-known baby with a history of autism and cerebral palsy

A little baby with autism and a history, of cerebral palsys, has lived to a ripe old age.

His mother, Sarah Hogg, was diagnosed with the condition a few years ago, but was unable to care for him, and his father, David, who has cerebral palsies, struggled to cope.

“It was just like the end of the world,” David says.

The baby was born with a rare condition called cerebral palsymptomatic familial mitochondrial disease (CMTD), a condition in which a genetic mutation causes abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

The mutation has been found in more than 3,000 people worldwide, but its causes are still unknown.

Now, Sarah has decided to help those who need it.

“I was looking at the research and realised that it was a really important disease,” she says.

“That there were people who were in really difficult circumstances and not getting the support they needed, so I thought, ‘why not give it a go?'”

Sarah’s son, Jake, who is six months old, has cerebral-palsy and cerebral-spinal-cord palsy, and is also deaf and has difficulty communicating.

Jake is the first in a long line of children born with the mutation to live to a full, healthy age.

In Sarah’s experience, there is “a lot of interest” in developing therapies to help people with CMTD.

Her son is one of the lucky ones.

“People are really keen to know more about CMTDs,” she explains.

“So we’re going to put a lot of effort into finding out more about this condition, and then hopefully we’ll be able to offer some sort of treatment for people.”

In a bid to improve the lives of these children, Sarah plans to use her own genetic information to create a genetic screening test for CMTds, which could potentially help more people.

“My genetic information is very similar to the parents of the children with CmtDs, so we’re looking at some genetic tests to find out if there are people with similar mutations, and see if they’re more likely to get the disease, or if they might be more able to cope,” she tells New Scientist.

“We’ve got to find more information and try and find out how to do it.”

Sarah’s research team has also set out to develop a test that would be cheaper, simpler and more accurate than the current diagnostic tests, which require expensive laboratory tests.

The team hopes to have the test ready in six months.

Sarah says she is excited to be a part of the “first-ever genetic screening” of CMTs.

“If this helps someone, then that’s fantastic,” she adds.

“But I think it’s also going to give people hope that we can find a way to help them in some way.”

It’s not the first time Sarah has been involved in a project involving genetic screening.

She helped develop an early diagnosis test to help with cases of CTE in the military, and now she is also working on an early detection test that could help detect cases of mitochondrial disease before it becomes more common.

Sarah has her sights set on a cure for mitochondrial disease, and says that she hopes to be able help the world’s population of people with the disease.

“This disease is such a devastating condition that it’s probably the most difficult thing in the world to have in terms of people,” she said.

Sarah is currently working on her first clinical trial, which is about to start in Australia. “

And we hope to see some kind of treatment soon.”

Sarah is currently working on her first clinical trial, which is about to start in Australia.

“For a number of people, this is their first time being treated with the diagnosis, and for some of them it’s a long journey,” she added.

“They may be in the very early stages of the disease and they may not know if it’s going to be terminal or not.”

The research will be funded by the Australian Medical Research Council and the National Institute of Health, and Sarah hopes to make the first trial in Australia in 2019.

The project is described as a “comprehensive approach to mitochondrial disease screening”.

You can find more about the study at the Science website.

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