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Test-tube baby in court: Baby born in court to parents who test-babies

Test-tube baby in court: Baby born in court to parents who test-babies

A baby born to a surrogate mother has been given the legal right to be placed in the care of her birth parents.

The Supreme Court heard on Monday that the baby, named in court papers as Landon, was born on October 27, 2017, and had not yet been tested by a nurse, despite the baby’s health and medical history.

She was born to two women and their two children, aged six months and three months, who were living in Dublin.

Her birth mother, who was also the surrogate mother, is also in custody.

She is due to be sentenced in September.

Landon’s birth mother and the surrogate are both now in custody, with the court hearing the surrogate will be required to give evidence and to be held in custody for 30 days, if needed.

She must also pay the court costs of the case.

The court heard on Sunday that the two women are still seeking a court order to place Landon in the custody of her parents.

Their solicitor, Brian Gorman, said their actions were in keeping with the law and had been done for the good of the child.

“The law does not require them to put their newborn baby in the public custody of the State,” Mr Gorman said.

“But there is a law that makes sure that there is not a child in the State who is in a state of harm and it is not acceptable for them to place their newborn child in public custody.”

He said they had been told by the State they would not be prosecuted if they placed their newborn in public care, and said they were willing to make a full disclosure to the court if the State were to do so.

The hearing was adjourned until September 10.

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