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The Worst Cartoon Test Tube Babies You’ll Ever See

The Worst Cartoon Test Tube Babies You’ll Ever See

Cartoon test tube babies are not as scary as they look.

Here are the worst, most terrifying cartoon test tube baby scenarios.


You get a box of toy cars and you want to make sure you’re not going to die when you get home.

You open the box and you discover that the toy cars are stuffed with blood.

You decide that you will die if you die and decide to put the blood in a box to be used later as a weapon.

You then go to a hospital and they take the toy car away for a few hours.

You find a note that says: “If you’re going to have a test, put the car in a test tube.”

You take the car and you’re ready to go.

But instead of putting the toy in a toy box, the doctor says: You’re gonna need a test to see if you have the blood poisoning.

You ask if the doctor is a moron and he says no.

You take a blood sample and they say: “You’ve been poisoned, you’re gonna die.”

You go home and you have a bad time.

You are also not going be able to use the toy to fight off a swarm of locusts that have been attacking your house.

You’re in a really bad mood because you can’t afford to stay home and wait for the test results.


You have a family member who is a doctor and you think that they are a very good doctor.

The doctor tells you that you are very lucky.

They also tell you that your family member is also a very lucky person, and you should be thankful.

However, you still feel like you are a morose person.

You go to the doctor and tell them that you’re feeling really bad.

They say that they will take a test and they are very sorry for the bad news.

They then tell you to just have a good day.

However you feel, you go to bed and your family doesn’t tell you what happened.

They just tell you you are lucky and to enjoy your life.


You got a test from a test lab and you are surprised to find that it is actually an incubator.

The lab worker who took the test has just left the lab.

You start to feel a little better and you tell your doctor that you have been tested.

You tell him that you need to get you test results ASAP.

You can’t wait any longer and you go back to the lab and take the test.

You give the results and the results are good.

However the test is actually a machine and it takes a few minutes for the machine to start running.

The machine is now running, and the machine starts to do its job.

You now have the ability to kill your parents, friends, or loved ones.

You still feel a bit bad because you don’t want to have to go through what you went through in your past life, but you also feel that you can make a difference now that you know that you aren’t going to be able get poisoned.


You found a baby who looks like you but is really your sister and you try to take her in.

You meet the baby in the nursery and you immediately feel a lot better.

However she looks like your mother.

You say: Wow, I look just like my mom, right?

You then hug her and she says: Oh, I love you too, honey.

I miss you so much, I really do.

You want to kiss her and make up, but the nurse tells you to wait for your mother to come to the room to give birth.

The nurse says: It’s going to take a while to do it, honey, but I’m sure we’ll be able.

You look at your sister in the mirror and say: You look so much like mom.

You feel like she is the same age as you.

You wonder if it’s a good idea to be so close to your mother at this point in time.


You were in a long distance relationship with your partner and you wanted to get back together.

You went to a movie and you were thinking of dating someone new.

You come home and your partner is in the living room talking on the phone.

You don’t like how she is talking to her husband.

You reach over to her and say, “Hey, I’m here.”

She says: What?


You say, Well, you said I was here.

She says, Well I’m home, honey.

“You say that you like her and tell her to stay with you.

She is in shock.

You hug her.

You kiss her.

Then you hug her again and kiss her on the cheek.

You love her so much.

Then your partner goes to the bathroom and comes back in and she asks you: Hey, honey!

You say you love her too.

You laugh and say that it’s great that you love each other.

You see her in the bathroom

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