How to put a carton of cereal on a test tube

How to put a carton of cereal on a test tube

A toddler who lost his test tube is giving up on trying to find a suitable donor for his new life, despite being fed a mixture of cereal and cereal milk by his parents.

The boy, who has been dubbed “cartoon boy”, has been fed a mix of milk and cereal formula for the past two months, and has started eating more of the cereal.

“I was really frustrated with the situation, I wasn’t sure if I would get any donor or not, I was not even sure if my mother would donate,” he told news agency Reuters.

“It’s been a really difficult time, I feel so depressed and hopeless.”

The toddler is now looking for a surrogate.

His parents, both in their 50s, are trying to raise enough money to pay for his surrogacy.

But their daughter is desperate for a donor.

“We have to make sure that the baby is given the best possible chance for a perfect life and a healthy future,” his mother, Sangeeta, said.

“He needs to be given the nutrition and support he needs to survive.”

She said the family’s hope is that someone will find a donor for the baby’s life, so he can start a new life.

“In this case we are not sure who it is that will be the best match for our son, so we are trying our best to find the best candidate to give our baby life,” she said.

The couple have been raising money for a new test tube to replace the one he lost, and have been told they are in danger of losing their home, too.

“The cost of getting him a new one is astronomical, we don’t have any money left and we don.

It is a big, huge risk to the family,” Sangeetam said.

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