Cartoon test tube babies: Test tube baby’s parents can’t wait to find their son

Cartoon test tube babies: Test tube baby’s parents can’t wait to find their son

When her baby was born, Jennifer O’Neill was excited to finally be able to meet him.

She wanted to give him her blessing, and she was thrilled to find out that she and her husband had successfully made it to the test tube.

“The whole time I was crying and I was holding him and he was so small, and I couldn’t do anything,” O’Neills said.

“I was just happy.

I was like, ‘Wow, I’m finally going to be able say I’ve made it.'”

Her husband, Brian, was thrilled.

“We had hoped to see him come out of the tube at some point in the future,” Brian O’Neal told ABC News.

“But it just took a while for the doctors to get their hands on him.”

The family has not been able to get an official diagnosis of the boy’s condition, but Brian O`Neal believes the child’s parents have the right to be confident about his recovery.

“It’s very unusual for a newborn to be born with a condition like that,” he said.

O’Brien said that her baby’s condition has changed her life.

“He’s a very bright, energetic boy,” she said.

In the meantime, O’Neil said she is eager to give birth to another baby boy.

“When I have a new baby, it’s like I have to make a choice,” she explained.

“You can have this and you can have that, but you’ve got to make sure your family has access to this baby so they can get this baby out.” 

ABC News’ Jennifer O`Neill contributed to this report.

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