‘Worst’ day of school ever: How the worst days of school have affected kids’ happiness

‘Worst’ day of school ever: How the worst days of school have affected kids’ happiness

A day of chaos has become the norm for children at a Brooklyn elementary school, where some students have had to wait for hours before being allowed to play with their toys, a teacher said Wednesday.

The chaos at P.S. 36 has been especially disruptive to some children, said Lisa Smith, the principal of the preschool, which opened in October.

Students were told they could play until 9 p.m. instead of 8 p.t. on Friday and Saturday, Smith said.

Teachers have been told to tell kids not to talk about school or to keep quiet, and to not wear ear plugs or headphones.

A group of students from kindergarten through third grade sat in the classroom together for lunch on Monday, Smith told The Associated Press.

Smith said she and her team of teachers, administrators and social workers were working overtime to ensure that the students and their families were safe.

She said they had no choice but to take the drastic step because of the severity of the situation.

“We are so stressed out, but we can’t let it get to that level,” she said.

P.S., which was created to provide preschool to the city’s poor and underprivileged children, has struggled to keep students and families together.

It has long had a troubled relationship with parents who complain about noise and overcrowding, but the school has made strides in recent years in building relationships with parents and parents of students.

Some parents complained last year that P.I. 36 teachers weren’t giving the kids enough homework and had become too much of a distraction, according to a recent report by the New York City Department of Education.

In a letter to parents, the city said the teachers were being replaced by part-time staff.

The department’s inspector general also has reported that some of the teachers have not been taking their duties seriously enough.

The New York Education Department has since said it will review the P.P., and the state Education Department is expected to issue a final report by mid-October.

The P.R.S.-sponsored charter school in Brooklyn was created in 2004 and has received a $10 million federal grant to improve its facilities and curriculum.

P.N. 36 is one of the schools in the charter school chain.

A spokeswoman for the Brooklyn Public Schools said the school will have a new principal soon and that it is committed to improving the quality of learning for all students.

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