Cartoon test-tubes babies tested as part of research into autism

Cartoon test-tubes babies tested as part of research into autism

The first children born to a couple who are test-feeding their own babies are showing signs of autism spectrum disorders.

A study of the babies has been done at a hospital in Toronto.

The babies, all three born this year, have not been diagnosed.

“The first child we’ve seen that’s actually displaying autism spectrum disorder is this baby,” Dr. Paul Sorensen, a child psychiatrist at the hospital, said Wednesday.

“He was born with a very severe form of autism, a very, very high IQ, but a very hard time learning.

He was born a week early and it was only two weeks later that he was diagnosed.”

The babies are all three of Sorenens’ own sons and are all healthy.

Sorensens said the babies are being treated as early as possible, and it is too early to say how long it will take to see any changes in the babies’ behaviour.

In addition to the babies, researchers have also begun testing their parents for the disease.

They’re trying to see if the babies have the same genetic disorder as a child who is not being tested, but Sorenesen said that would take at least a few months.

This baby was born prematurely and has some brain damage, so we are still looking at the possibility that this could be a cause of autism in the future, said Dr. Michael Klimovitz, an autism expert at McMaster University.

What’s more, some of the parents are receiving intensive care at home and have received other therapies.

We have been trying to understand what is causing these babies to be affected by autism, but right now, it’s just a matter of monitoring them closely,” Klimowitz said.

The couple are not yet sure what is contributing to the autism, and so far, they have been able to identify two of the three babies as having the disease in their mothers.

So far, there is no known cause for the condition.

Klimowits said there are other cases of autism and developmental disorders being seen in other parts of the world, including the U.K. and Brazil.

While some people might think autism is caused by something like the common cold or other infections, it is actually caused by the immune system.

It also causes problems with the brain and behavior.

At this stage, the babies don’t appear to be showing any signs of depression, anxiety or other problems.

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