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Cartoon test tube babies get their test tubes back

Cartoon test tube babies get their test tubes back

Cartoon test tube babes like to wear their test-tubes around to make sure they’re still getting the milk they were fed in the past.

They’re just happy to see them.

But the test tubes have been returned to the mother in the hospital after a new batch of tubes arrived.

The mother had been diagnosed with a severe case of Munchausen syndrome, a type of rare brain disease that affects the brain and can cause seizures.

The test tube is still under the care of the doctor in charge of the baby’s care, but the mother says she’ll have to take some time off work to care for the baby. 

“I think I’m going to need to go back to work, so I can work,” the mother told CBC News.

“It’s just sad.

I just don’t understand how it happened,” she added.

The mother’s mother says the hospital will give the mother a choice between returning the test-tub to the hospital or having her baby taken away.

“The mother has given her permission to return the test tube and give it to the baby in the next week or so,” said Dr. Pauline Dube.

The hospital’s baby nurse is currently caring for the newborn and has taken the test baby back into her care.

“The hospital will keep it and give the baby to the child and the mother can have it back with her,” Dube said.

“We’re going to do all of that with the mother’s consent and not the hospital.”

The hospital is currently looking for the mother to return to the care facility to pick up the baby and the baby nurse, and will send them to a pediatric neurologist to get the baby back. 

The baby is expected to be back in the care and care of his mother within two to three weeks.

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