Test tube babies in Australia’s biggest city are not so smart

Test tube babies in Australia’s biggest city are not so smart

NEWCASTLE, Australia (AP) If you’re a kid who loves test-tubes, it’s likely that you’ve got a test tube or two at home, but a new study suggests otherwise.

Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney analyzed test tube babies and found that, as with children of all ages, they can have different levels of intelligence.

The study is the first to show a correlation between intelligence and the size of test tubes in the home.

It was published Monday in the Journal of Developmental Psychology.

It’s a phenomenon that is increasingly common in many cultures around the world, but the study shows that there are some things that test tube kids can do differently than their peers.

In New Zealand, test tube children are often placed in a room with toys or other objects that are bigger than they are.

In the U.S., a test-tub is typically placed in the bathroom with a big tub of cold water.

In Japan, children’s homes often have an area where test tubes can be played and a child can use a set of blocks to get their bearings.

In Australia, where the average size of a test is 1.5 inches (3 centimeters), children’s parents often limit their children’s exposure to larger objects, such as toys and computers, and the research suggests that a test tubes size may help children in this area.

The Australian research also found that test- tube babies tended to have lower intelligence in comparison to their peers who were raised by their biological parents.

The researchers were surprised by the correlation between test- tubes size and intelligence, because they usually look at the cognitive skills of children who have a testy relationship with their parents, according to lead author Julie Hahn.

She said the data is consistent with studies showing that a small child with a toy can be as intelligent as a child with the same toy, but children who grow up in families where their parents are less cooperative or less supportive tend to have weaker cognitive skills.

“If you’re having a hard time controlling your temper or dealing with your anger or trying to deal with your temper, it is likely that your test- tubes are smaller, and it can be harder to control your temper,” Hahn said.

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