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The full scope of the baby test tube fiasco

The full scope of the baby test tube fiasco

NEW DELHI: The Indian government is still struggling to cope with the enormous fallout from a test tube test-feeding scandal that has devastated the country’s fledgling medical industry.

In India, where a baby is born at home and fed by a tube for two days, the government’s approval process for a new drug is so fraught that it has been called the most difficult test in the world.

The issue is so difficult that some doctors and medical experts believe it’s been solved already, according to a CBC News investigation.

And the government says it is doing its best to avoid a repeat of the fiasco.

It’s been months since the controversy erupted, with the government initially telling the media that no new drugs were being approved for use in India.

But last week, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, said his government had approved the first two new drugs approved by the ministry of health.

That’s when the entire situation took a new turn, as the government went from being supportive of new drugs to being hostile.

India is home to about 40 million infants, including up to 1 million babies in the country, according the World Health Organization (WHO).

In India and elsewhere in the developing world, the process of introducing a new medication involves a rigorous process that can last months or years, with approval often required from multiple agencies.

As the situation worsened, the Ministry of Health began to deny the requests from doctors, the WHO said.

The ministry of medical advisor for health and family welfare denied to CBC News that it was denying the request from doctors.

In a statement, the ministry said, “It is not our job to give permission to doctors to inject new drugs.”

In its statement, it added that “there is no such thing as a first-time prescription.

It is not a prescription.”

The ministry has yet to say when it plans to make the change.

But, the situation is getting more complicated by the day, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make sure the drugs will actually be approved.

In the past, the Indian government has said it has given permission for up to 30% of new treatments to be approved if it’s proven that they work.

That number has risen to 45% in the past year, according a report by the WHO.

But as of April, only four drugs, including an anti-parasitic drug called piperacillin, have been approved in India for use by infants, infants under six months and children under the age of 6.

The Ministry of health has said the approvals are all done on an “in-house basis.”

The problem is that doctors are being asked to approve all new treatments, even if they don’t have any experience working with a baby.

The problem has become so acute that even as the Indian medical establishment is trying to work through the fallout, it is struggling to keep up.

A group of medical experts has launched an online petition to ask the government to do away with the requirement for the approval process.

They said that while it is a necessary step, it’s not enough.

The group of doctors has written to Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh asking him to clarify the requirements for the review process.

And they have written to the health minister, calling on him to make it mandatory for a doctor to provide the approval for a medication to be used by a baby at home.

The petitioners are hoping to have the petition sent to the minister’s office by Friday.

The Indian Medical Association, the largest medical association in India, says that since January, the country has approved more than 2,500 drugs, and more than 7,500 of them have been given to babies.

The group says that the approval of a drug for infants can take up to three years.

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