How to keep your baby from developing the measles

How to keep your baby from developing the measles

Parents are warned that if they let their newborn baby sleep on the side of the bed, the measles will spread to his or her nose.

The baby, however, will not be contagious.

If the baby is not kept on the same side of his or herself during the night, then it will spread and the measles could be passed to his parent or sibling.

The best way to avoid this is to keep him or her on a separate side of bed.

Parents are urged to take precautions to prevent the spread of the measles.

If a baby is sleeping on the other side of a bed, he or she is more likely to spread the virus than if he or her was on the right side of it.

The child who sleeps on the left is less likely to become infected.

The recommended temperature is between 38° and 45° F (11° and 14° C).

If the temperature is not warm enough, the temperature of the room is also important.

Keep the room temperature below 45°F (11.6°C).

Parents can keep their newborns in a warm, dry room and place them in a crib, bed, or other sleeping arrangement with no windows.

If possible, the baby should be kept in a separate room, with a window open, when he or, if the temperature reaches 45° to 48° F (-6.4° to 9.8° C), then the baby will be contagious and the infection is more difficult to treat.

Parents should also take precautions against exposure to people with the measles virus, especially children.

The CDC recommends that parents who are immunized with the MMR vaccine, as well as those who have been vaccinated with a measles booster, should wear masks and face shields to prevent measles transmission to their child.

The vaccine can protect against both strains of measles, including measles-2, and measles-4.

The MMR vaccine is recommended for everyone age 6 months and older.

For additional tips on keeping your child safe, read: Why the MMR is a great way to prevent a measles infection The CDC offers the following vaccination recommendations: To protect against measles-1: Get vaccinated on the first dose of the MMR and booster.

For more information, visit the CDC website.

If you have been immunized against measles and have been on a vaccine schedule, your child should receive the second dose of MMR.

For further information, read more about the MMR: How to protect yourself from the measles and the MMR Vaccine.

For more tips on protecting your child from the spread or transmission of measles: How is measles spread?

How is the MMR the best vaccine to protect against it?

Read more about measles.

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