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A cartoon test tube baby

A cartoon test tube baby

An animated cartoon test-tubes test-cartoon baby is getting a big push from Disney.

The animated test-lab test-babies, made by Disney Labs, is set to debut on the Disney Channel on Friday.

The cartoon test tubes are meant to help kids learn about their health.

The test-bed is an interactive test tube with the characters and sounds of the characters.

The characters are talking about the test tubes.

A Disney Labs test-bay is shown during a panel at the International Toy Expo in Anaheim, California, U.S., March 21, 2018.

REUTERS/Mike Blake Disney Labs is partnering with a children’s charity called ToyLab to develop the test-carts.

The charity, called the Toys for Tots Project, will run the test kits.

Toys for tots is a program that helps children in need in underserved areas.

Disney Labs said in a statement that it was excited to be able to help the Toys For Tots project achieve its goals by collaborating with ToyLab.

The cartoon test tubes will feature animated characters that can interact with the test tube.

Disney said in the statement that the test tasters are inspired by the characters of Pixar’s Cars animated films.

In addition to the animated test tubes, the Disney Labs toy-making studio is also creating a 3D printer for the test test-skins.

Disney is working with Toy Lab to develop a test-filling station, which will allow for easier access to test-feedings.

Disney said that its test-testing partners are working to expand the program and include more test-taking facilities.

The company also announced it is hiring 100 full-time, non-clinical employees.

It is the latest move by the company to try to help children with a health issue.

Disney recently launched a special health care line for children.

It will feature a range of health-related products including test-pads, toys, games, and more.

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