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‘Test tube baby’ named after newborn test tube

‘Test tube baby’ named after newborn test tube

An 18-month-old girl named “test tube babe” has been named after her parents who nursed her through her first six months of life.

The family adopted her from a private breeder in Virginia and took her to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital, where doctors had her implanted with a pacemaker and implanted with heart and blood cells.

The baby’s name is “Sarah” and she was named for her family, according to a statement from the Johns Hopkins University.

The hospital said Sarah was born on March 3.

Sarah has now been adopted by the Johns and her mother, Heather, and she is now in the care of a pediatrician in New York.

The couple told NBC News that they wanted to honor their daughter’s birth and that they were “really excited” about the adoption.

“We didn’t want Sarah to be forgotten and that was one of the main reasons why we took this opportunity,” Heather told NBC.

“This is really an honor for us.”

Heather said they had no idea the little girl would have to go through the birth of a baby girl.

“It’s not like we’re a big family and we want her to have a normal life,” she said.

“But, at the same time, we wanted to show our support for her and the whole family.”

Sarah’s adoptive parents, Ashley and Jason, said they have no idea how they will take care of her when she is older.

“I’ve always said, when I was little, I’d like to get my own car, my own house, my whole life,” Jason told the New York Daily News.

“Sarah will have to learn to live without a car, without a house.

Ashley added: “I think she’s going the right way. “

There’s going to be a big transition and a lot of crying and a big adjustment,” he said.

Ashley added: “I think she’s going the right way.

She’s learning how to walk, talk, eat, and drink and I think she’ll get along with everybody.”

The adoption comes on the heels of the birth in October of a second, much younger girl, who also is named Sarah.

That baby is named “Dolly,” after her mother’s grandmother.

“She was born a normal baby and it was just so beautiful to see her,” Ashley said.

The parents said they would like to raise money to help their daughter get a second chance.

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