test tube babies

test tube babies

This is a test tube child, but he can’t go into the world, so the internet has been taking his place.

A redditor is using the term test tube babys to describe this toddler.

Reddit’s test tube children subreddit is full of examples of people taking up the role of a test-tubes surrogate.

Redditor mrk_the_creek says that a person with a testtube baby needs to be a good role model for their kids.

He says that the child will be happy in the role.

“The test tube kid will be the one who is the main example of what a good parent is,” he writes.

Mum of a baby test tube, the ‘best babysitter in the world’ who also loves her own son, writes on Reddit: “The best babysitter I know is the one with a baby who was born through IVF, who gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and who loves him so much that she has adopted him and raised him for over a decade.

She has never failed to show up and do her best.” “

She has helped me with a lot of the things I need to do and more.

She has never failed to show up and do her best.”

The Reddit community is full with comments praising the test tube parent.

Some people have taken up the cause to be their own surrogate parents.

An anonymous user writes that his own mother’s role model is the person who he never had to deal with as a parent.

“She is a mother to my son, and I have the pleasure of being her surrogate child,” he wrote.

One Reddit user says that his wife’s role is to help him get through the day.

She is “good at taking care of me and the children,” he says.

“I am a very loyal and hard working wife, who is a great role model to my children.”

Another Redditor says that it is the job of a surrogate parent to take care of the child.

They must “take care of her, keep her safe, and be supportive”. 

Reddit’s subreddit has a selection of examples, including this one.

 Another post shows a mother of two with her own baby.

Another parent shares their experience with their surrogate child. 

The baby’s mother writes that her surrogate baby has been the best baby she has ever had. 

 “I have been a good mother to her, and she has helped to build a very special family,” she writes.

“Her presence has brought joy to my life, and the bond we have formed has helped my daughter to have a stronger sense of belonging.”

A redditor explains that his surrogate’s role as a surrogate was instrumental in helping his wife raise their own child.

“When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a single mom of a child with Down syndrome,” he said.

“My wife and I were very busy, so she had no time to do anything for us.

She was working three jobs and I was doing all of the work.”

“So I did what I could and volunteered, and that was when she realized that she needed to be the mother of her child,” the redditor writes.

“And so I volunteered for the job.

She worked a little bit and I worked a lot.” 

A mother and daughter take turns taking care the child’s surrogate.

The father helps to feed the child while the mother takes care of their surrogate. 

The surrogate mother writes: “I took the responsibility of the surrogate, I made the arrangements, and for my daughter, I had to be there. 

She was always the one to make sure she got the best possible care. 

My daughter has grown into such a lovely young woman, and now I have no reason to think she will not be the mom of her own child.”

Redditor r/birthparents also offers a range of tips for parents looking to adopt test-tubers. 

In one post, the user says the best way to help your surrogate is to talk to the surrogate.

“Your surrogate is your best friend,” he explains.

The advice seems to be that you need to be open about your wishes and desires with the surrogate so that they can help.

“It is best for your surrogate to know your wishes, and they are going to help you to find a surrogate who can be the best for you,” he adds.

There is another subreddit devoted to surrogate parenting, and a lot more.

It is not clear what exactly test-ducts parents will be doing when their surrogate is away.

But there are plenty of people on Reddit who are willing to adopt and raise test-cup babies, and there is a subreddit dedicated to the subject.

This baby is adorable and the internet is calling for more test-cups. 

What do you think?

Is this the best role model you have?

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