A cartoon test tube baby

An animated cartoon test-tubes test-cartoon baby is getting a big push from Disney.The animated test-lab test-babies, made by Disney Labs, is set to debut on the Disney Channel on Friday.The cartoon test tubes are meant to help kids learn about their health.The test-bed is an interactive test tube with the characters and sounds of the characters.The characters are talking about […]

‘Test tube baby’ named after newborn test tube

An 18-month-old girl named “test tube babe” has been named after her parents who nursed her through her first six months of life.The family adopted her from a private breeder in Virginia and took her to Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital, where doctors had her implanted with a pacemaker and implanted with heart and blood cells.The baby’s name is “Sarah” and […]

Why you shouldn’t ask for a babysitter test tube

You should probably ask for an adult test tube baby instead of a baby test tube because it can cause more serious health problems.CBC News talked to parents and experts about how parents should choose a test tube to give to their children.Read more: Parents who choose to give their children test tubes should be sure to follow the advice […]

‘Gifted’ and ‘Girlfriend’ creators to return to Cartoon Network in 2019, says Fox exec

The creators behind “Gifted” and “Girlfriend” are returning to Cartoon Networks next year with a new animated series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.“We have a new show in the works, and we are excited to be joining the Cartoon Network family,” the show’s creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz said in a statement.“We are thrilled to be on Cartoon Network’s […]

Test tube babies, cartoon test-tubes: Can the science of science save lives?

By Andrew Cawthorne / Toronto StarA group of pediatricians is asking parents to consider a test tube as a potential “safe alternative” to vaccines.The Canadian Association of Pediatricians said the research has shown there is a connection between vaccines and the risk of autism spectrum disorders, including autism.The study also showed that children who are given a vaccine have lower […]

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