Why do cartoon test tubes contain babies? | ABC News

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) A California woman is accusing a company of producing baby test tubes that contain live babies in them, despite the company’s promise to remove all of the babies from them.Ana Alvarado claims she was shocked when she opened her baby test tube last month, and she’s now suing the company and two of its owners, including one […]

How to Make Your Own Baby Bamboo Thermos

In a new post on her site, BabyBambooThermos, the mother of one of her babies explains how she makes her own homemade test tube baby babysitter and baby bottle cleaner.As for the testing method, the article notes, “Bamboo is known for its great smell and the ability to clean up after children, and I decided to test it for a […]

Which do you use for a test tube baby?

Google’s parent company Alphabet has announced it is selling off its testing division, including its testing arm, for $1.9 billion.The deal is subject to regulatory approval, and Alphabet said it would give its parent company, Alphabet Inc, the opportunity to retain some of the assets in the division.The parent company is also looking to sell off the testing division’s robotics […]

Test-tube Babies,Test-tube BABY NEWS,Baby,Test,Tubes,New York

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A new test tube pregnancy test

By now, many Americans are probably familiar with the word “test tube” and the term “cure.”It refers to a procedure in which the mother or the baby is removed from the womb, injected with a small amount of medication and then given a series of tests to confirm a pregnancy.There are many different types of tests that can be done, […]

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